Downloader Python Module

The Downloader internal Module.

class pacifica.downloader.downloader.Downloader(**kwargs)[source]

Downloader Class.

The other methods in this class are the supported download methods. Each method takes appropriate input for that method and the method will download the data to the location specified in the method’s arguments.


Create the downloader.

Keyword arguments are delegated to the CartAPI.

_download_from_url(location, cart_url, filename)[source]

Download the cart from the url.

The cart url is returned from the CartAPI.

cloudevent(location, cloudevent, **kwargs)[source]

Handle a cloud event and download the data in a cart.

CloudEvents is a specification for passing information about changes in cloud infrastructure or state. This method consumes events produced by the Pacifica Notifications service.

transactioninfo(location, transinfo, **kwargs)[source]

Handle transaction info and download the data in a cart.

Transaction info objects are pulled from the PolicyAPI.